Saturday, March 7, 2009

miYim Review

Ben recently arrived at our house, but we were a little frightened that he wouldn't make it. When the wonderful UPS man arrived, we found that Ben's box had been battered and beaten on his trip here. Luckily, Hosung NY Inc. had Ben tucked safely inside a sturdy, reusable box.

Ben was quickly given the nickname Frog Legs, and even earned a spot on the Gibbon's bed. Anyone with a four-year-old knows this is a coveted spot, and only the best of the best stuffies are allowed to snuggle under the covers.

A Little About Hosung NY Inc.
Hosung NY Inc is a Brooklyn based company that works with several leading toy distributors and retailers in the US and internationally. Their sites include miYim, SimplyFido, and MyNatural Toys.

miYim carries an assortment of soft critters made from organic cotton for little ones. The miYim toys are incredibly soft, due to the fact that the do not undergo any chemical treatments. Instead, the PureWaterWash process is used. Basically, untreated cotton thread is used in the fabric, then brightened with plants and minerals. This causes slight differences in each critter, but adds to their unique personalities.

As I mentioned before, the box Ben arrived in is reusable. But, it is also handcrafted from recycled materials. It seems that in every aspect of production and shipping, miYim works hard to create safe, natural toys while showing the utmost respect for the environment. They definitely recieved the Gibbon's seal of appoval.

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Sarah said...

What a cute little frog!