Thursday, March 12, 2009

Me Online

The other week we were talking about whether people are the same in real life as they are online. This got me to thinking, and I have to admit, I'm basically the same person when I'm on the computer as when I'm anywhere else. With a few minor differences of course.

Online, I'm easily able to cover my coffee addiction. No one has to see that I drink a minimum of 6 cups to make it through the day.

Online, I don't curse, or at least only rarely. Around here, you can here the word asshole come out of my mouth at least 8 times a night. It's the only profanity I'm really fond of.

Online, I can make much self look presentable, hair done, make up on. The only thing is, I post those pictures as I sit here in my pajamas sans makeup, chugging my 2nd cup of caffeine.

Online, I'm not nearly as funny. My goal for this year is to figure out exactly how to convey sarcasm in my posts. Because I stink at it right now.

Online, I avoid most of those words that find their way into my vocabulary way too often. At home, I'm always saying: seriously, some people, and in a minute. Oh, and I count a lot. Little one drives me crazy, 1---2---I'm going to say 3---3.

So this is me. There's all my secrets. Now I'm off to get cup #3 as I think to myself what an asshole lazy bum hubby is for still being in bed. Hopefully I didn't scare anybody off.


Sandy said...

I'm not nearly as funny online either. I am always afraid that people won't get it and I'll just look like a dork!

Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure I'm funnier online than in person. I'm more social too. Maybe this blogging thing isn't as "good for me" as I thought!

Miss Blondie said...

I have the same problem with my sarcasm!! I feel like people wont get it b/c they can't hear my tone of voice. I'm much funnier,sarcastic, and goofier in person.

Oh and I drop the F bombs like theres no tomorrow in real life. Although I never use it on my blog.

Barely Domestic Mama said...

This made me giggle. :) Sarcasm is my second language, but it does not translate well over the internet. I try to avoid it or make sure to mention that I am being sarcastic or else people get there feelings hurt or I just look like the biggest jerk ever.