Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Pack a Lunch

Maybe I should title this one "How to Pack a Lunch that No One Will Eat." Because obviously, that's what I'm good at doing.

The last two days, my little man has come home with almost everything still in his lunch box, still unopened. The first day he ate two mini pancakes and a little jello. The next, goldfish. He tells me he runs out of time or just didn't feel like eating.

I'm wondering if maybe it's just too overwhelming at lunch. And I'm hoping he gets used to it.

So what do I pack?

Day 1: Mini pancakes, grapes, yogurt, and jello (all his faves)
Day 2: Soy butter on crackers, goldfish, strawberries, and applesauce
Day 3: Trail mix (pretzels, raisins, crackers, cereal, a few m & m's), carrots, grapes, and soy butter crackers

The rest of the month will use a lot of these rotated throughout.

He'll also be getting mini muffins, cheese, mini waffles, smoothies, apple "fries", oranges, pears, cereal, soft pretzel sticks, and salad.

It's so tough to pack with a picky eater, food allergies, and school guidelines. But, he won't eat the meals they sell (and I'm not sure I blame him).
I do love the lunch box he picked out from Lunchopolis though. The containers are a perfect size for food, and let me pack 4 separate things that don't touch. (One less reason I have to worry about for why he isn't eating.)

Do your kids pack lunches? What do you include?


Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

We use Bento boxes and love them. I try and fill the four spaces up with each food group. Morgan is also super picky. She loves "ham snacks" - a few pieces of ham rolled up around a slice of cheese. One day for her grain I put in some popcorn. She thought this was hilarious. We put in a lot of the same things you do. They don't have much time to eat at school so she also comes home with some leftovers.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

While I don't pack school lunches yet I am loving that lunch box!

KayceeT said...

Sounds like good lunches to me!! My son's been going to pre-school a couple days a week and they provide lunch & snacks (of coarse I'm paying for it with the hefty price-tag) but they always comment that he never wants to eat. I wish he would so I'd feel like I was getting more for my $$!!
Maybe after school settles in your little guy will get accustomed to eating with a time limit!!

Kara said...

Love the lunchbox! I'm lousy at packing lunches, so no help from me on that front!

Nicole Feliciano said...

love the pancake idea. may have to use that one!