Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Holiday WordFriends DVD Review

We love educational TV. It takes up most of the TV time when Little Man is home. And WordWorld on PBS Kids is definitely a favorite.

We recently had the opportunity to watch Happy Holidays WordFriends, a 33 minute DVD containing two holiday episodes of WorldWorld.About the DVD
In "The Christmas Star", Duck attempts to lasso a star for his friend Frog to put on his Christmas tree. While it doesn't work out quite as Duck hopes, in the end Frog gets his S-T-A-R.

In the second episode, "A Christmas Present for Dog", the WordWorld friends excitedly receive their presents on Christmas morning. But poor Dog only has B-A-L. Something is missing! But as always, the WordFriends work together to build a word.Our Thoughts
Happy Holidays WordFriends was a fun DVD, perfect as we prepare for the holidays. With Little Man in kindergarten, he's been working hard on learning to spell new words. The show is a great reinforcement. This is one show I'm happy for him to watch.

Buy It
Happy Holidays WordFriends is available at NCircle Entertainment for $5.99.

Thanks to NCircle Entertainment for providing a copy of the DVD for our review.

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