Friday, November 20, 2009

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Calendar Review

Since Little Man started school, our schedule has gone from busy to hectic. We have to remember school events, library days, tumbling classes, and all the other outings we schedule in. Our wall calendar is full of penciled-in birthdays, dinners, and anniversaries. And though Little Man checks to see what's going on that day, he can't always read momma's scribbles.

You may remember a few weeks ago we gave away a Melissa & Doug magnetic calendar to one lucky reader. Well, we recently had a chance to try one out in our own home.
The Melissa & Doug magnetic calendar includes 140 magnets, such as numbers for the day and year, month names, and holiday and activity squares with photos. The calendar is also a dry erase board to easily allow for other occasions to be marked.
Little Man is more than thrilled with it. It's a space all of his own, where he can mark the events that are important to him: gym class, trips to grandma's house, holidays. He uses the white magnetic square to track the current day and is excited to move it ahead each morning.

Every week, he gets excited to see what plans he has. He double checks the date with me. Are you sure it isn't Christmas yet?

The calendar is a great tool to teach responsibility and sense of time. Little Man is responsible for keeping track of the day and seeing if he needs to prepare for anything on a given day. For example, if he sees a book on the day's square, he knows his library book must be in his backpack.As the month changes, we sit down together, put the numbers on the correct days, talk about the month, and decide which events to mark. It's been interesting to see which activities are the most important to my 5 year old. Both momma and little one give the calendar 2 thumbs up. It gets daily use and has been educational for us both.

Buy It:
The Melissa & Doug magnetic calendar can be purchased for $15.99 at CSN's All Children Furniture Store.

Thanks to CSN Stores for providing the item for review. While it was provided, all the opinions are our own.

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Robin G said...

I love Melissa & Doug products. I'll have to try this one when DD gets bigger.