Friday, November 6, 2009

Johnny Test DVD Review

Many of the cartoons we watch around here are educational. I figure if we're watching tv, we might as well use it as a tool to our advantage. So we typically watch shows that are interactive or can be used as a teaching tool.

While Johnny Test is designed for entertainment rather than education, I did give my 5 year old the opportunity to watch it with me.

About the DVD
Johnny Test: Johnny X and Super Pooch is a 6-episode DVD, following the adventures of an 11 year old boy and his super talking dog Dukey. Johnny's 13 year old twin sisters are genius scientists who use Johnny as a test subject for their experiments. Throughout the DVD Johnny and Duke are called upon as superheroes to help the people of Porkbelly.
Our Thoughts
Little Man found Johnny Test fun and amusing. Though there were a few points where it seemed like the plot made him a little nervous. However, he liked seeing the twins' ideas as they developed and cheered on Johnny and Duke as they overcame trouble.

I found Johnny Test to be an entertaining cartoon too. Though I think it's geared more towards the 7+ crowd. My five year old just seemed a little young for it, though overall, it is a harmless cartoon.

Buy It
Johnny Test: Johnny X and Super Pooch has a run time of 60 minutes. You can purchase it at NCircle Entertainment, Toys R Us, or Amazon for $6.99.

A DVD was provided for us to review by NCircle Entertainment. But this does not influence our opinions in any way.

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