Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cyber Baby Shower at SassyFrazz

Over at Sassy Frazz, a virtual baby shower is going on to celebrate the birth of baby #4. First a big congrats is in order! In honor of the event, there are a few baby shower games going on, and prizes to be won. This first is a photo contest, sweetest daddy and baby shot. Here's my entry:

Daddy dozing with GM when he was less than a week old. We spent a lot of time napping on the couch the first few weeks. What I love about this photo is how they both sleep with their mouths open (and they still do, too).

Game two is to guess the weight of of Sarah's second child, who was a bit over due. I'm going to guess 8lbs 3 oz. But I'm awful at guessing these things, so I'm sure I'm wrong.

Game three is to create a creative baby or pregnant momma out of Playdough. Have I mentioned how much I despise Playdough? I can't stand the smell, but in the spirit of having fun, I will see what I can create. Ok, no laughing at my poor creation! I know the belly looks a little more like a turtle than a preggo belly, but I'm far from artistic!

I'm excited to go check out the other posts and see what everyone has created! Be sure to head over to SassyFrazz to join in on the fun!


Sassyfrazz said...

Thanks for being a guest at my cyber baby shower, Staci! Great photo of your hubby and your baby! Good guess, and great creation! Good luck with the games, and thanks for stopping by! Thanks for helping spread the word! :)

Unknown said...

You're a winner!