Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dyson Domestic Divas at MomDot

I try to keep my house looking clean. But between a 4 year old, a hubby who drags in everything under the sun, and a cat who sheds like it's going out of style, it's a tough job. Add in one ancient vacuum, and I pretty much have given up hope. My carpets are doomed. So what to do? Over at MomDot, they have teamed up with Dyson to create the Dyson Domestic Divas. The Divas will be able to test out and review the DC 25 Rollarball Animal vacuum.

Trisha over at MomDot explains:
"Every 2 weeks from now till April
, we are going to be picking a new mom to spend a full two weeks with our Dyson and then come on as a Dyson Domestic Diva and give everyone the lowdown on it. Comparing it to your current household cleaning, your vacuum that you use on a daily basis, the all around ins and outs of how you feel about the Dyson after spending 2 weeks with it in your home. You will be able to blog during your experience from set up to the day it leaves, posting pictures, videos and sharing your experience with the world."

I'm really hoping that I'll get picked as a Dyson Diva, and be given the chance to test it out. Hubby better watch out though. I doubt I'll want to use my decrepit vacuum again.

The Dyson:



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Felicia said...

I am feeling your pain! Thanks for the heads up about this! I would love the opportunity myself!