Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Happy Belated B-day to Hubby

Hubby's birthday was yesterday. With work and everything, I got too busy to really do anything for him. I'm a terrible wife, the poor guy didn't even get a card. No cake either, didn't even cook him dinner. I have to promise myself to bake him a cake in the morning after I get some sleep. He's a sweet, wonderful guy, he really does deserve something special.
So happy happy birthday! Hopefully the day after his birthday will be much more eventful than today was.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he understands you're busy. ;-) I hope he had a happy birthday (and has a happy day after)! Those are great pictures too.

Barely Domestic Mama said...

You know I did the exact same thing this year to my hubby, too?! I felt so bad, but the next day I made him a birthday cake and he was happy. He actually wasn't even sad that I forgot about his birthday. I'm sure if it was me I would've been fuming...but that's the difference between me and my hubby. :)