Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa Claus is (Still) Coming to Town

GM's letter to Santa:

And Santa's reply (I cut out full name & our town, but you still get the idea):

I can't even tell you how excited GM was to open a letter from Santa today. He's been back and forth on whether Santa will come visit. Now, I've never threatened that Santa won't come, even when he's being awful, but somehow he got the idea in his head. Last night, he started crying at bedtime that Santa wasn't going to come because he hadn't been "all that good today." The letter arrived at a perfect time and calmed his fears on Santa skipping our house this year.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet! That's such a cute letter. And good thing it came in time to calm his fears - although it's nice you didn't have to threaten him to have him want to be good! I hope Santa knows what "game thing" to bring him. :-)