Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just a few giveaways to check out...

My son is the biggest little bookworm I've ever seen. He constantly has his nose buried in a book. While it drives me crazy that I have to read through the 600 page animal encyclopedia for the millionth time, I know his love of reading is a good thing. Please remind me, it's a good thing.

Over at MomDot, they're giving away a huge book set, just in time for Christmas. GM's face would light up like nothing else to see all these great books awaiting him.

The grand prize set includes:
  • Take Me Back
  • Do Not Open
  • Pick Me Up
  • Cosmic
  • Dr. Frankenstein’s Human Body Book
  • Cool Stuff Exploded
  • Eyewitness Expert: Knight
  • Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia
  • $50 Gift Card
Plus, 4 other winners will get a copy of Take Me Back. Today's the last day to enter. So be sure to head on over, and enter here.

While you're there, check out the giveaway and review of the The Stepping Stone Playmat from One Step Ahead. I'd love this for my cutie-patootie nephew, Little C.


Momstart said...

Things did turn around thank you

Kris said...

Oh goodness. He's so adorable! (your nephew) Funny, I entered that contest for my niece!

Kim @ What's That Smell said...

Thanks for the list!

Bridgette said...

The playmat is awesome! Her nephew is so handsome!