Saturday, November 1, 2008

Questions About Our House

GM asked me today why we lived in this house. It seemed like a simple question, but completely out of the blue. I tried explaining that this was our house, it's where mommy and daddy wanted to live. We moved in here back in June, and he adjusted really well to the move. The last few days, with the parade and trick or treat, we were around our old house, so I figured that's where the question was coming from.

It was hard for all of us to be back by the old house and not be living there. It was the first house GM ever really knew. He played in that yard, he ate his snacks in that kitchen, he jumped on the bed in that bedroom. It seems to be the little things we miss about being there. Even though it's just a house. I miss the flowers we planted out back, sitting on the deck over looking the yard, and snuggling in th living room.

The new house has so many advantages though. It's so much bigger, GM has a playroom, we have an office, and a garage. There are definite perks. But, it still doesn't feel like home some days.

Anyways, back to the question. After asking why we lived here, he followed up with "Why don't we live next to grandma?" I don't know what brought that up. We own four acres of land next to my parents, but we haven't built there yet because I worry about not being able to keep up with a mortgage, property taxes, and all that. I'd rather wait a little while and be more stable before taking such a huge plunge. I guess GM is ready to be grandma's neighbor, but it's hard to explain to a 4-year-old that sometimes things just are the way they are. And, I feel a twinge of guilt that maybe he doesn't think of this place as home either some days.


Unknown said...

I would imagine it's hard. Our house is super small, but in this market, we are just staying put for now. I have sentimental attachement anyway as it's our first house and the house we brought the girls home to.

Jess NBP said...

I bet that's hard. I'm sure I'll end up needing to do the same once we find something a bit bigger and move. How long have guys lived there?

AngiDe said...

Hey, thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway! Good luck!

"Nana's Box"

Anonymous said...

We moved exactly 1 year ago from being 5 minutes from both our parents andboth our sisters to being 45 minutes away. It really hit home for Jake and everyone else on Halloween. No more visiting friends and family for trick-or-treating

Kris said...

Isn't it funny the kind of odd questions, they can come up with?

It's hard to be away from their first home.

We are preparing to move now, if our offer is accepted, and I know Caity is a little nervous about it.

Unknown said...

I'll bet that is a toughie. We moved to our current house when the girls were too little to care but now, now they would have a tough adjustment.