Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Woes

Going out on Black Friday is not an entirely new experience to me. Every year, I get so excited to head out and find some good deals, but I'm also filled with dread to face the obnoxious people afraid to miss out on the last Elmo or Cabbage Patch doll or Wii. People seem to go to any lengths to save a few dollars. I was elbowed, bumped, and who knows what else just trying to walk through aisles.

I got to Walmart at 5:10 this morning, with a short list of things I wanted to get: a Leapster, Kung Fu Panda dvd, pajamas, a jacket, and a pre-lit tree for my mom. I headed towards toys first, to be met with a mob. I asked an employee, who was doing nothing but standing at the end of the aisle if he knew where the Leapsters were, since things were set up so haphazardly. That child had some major attitude. I guess friendly service isn't required that early in the morning. I finally find the display to watch someone else pick up the very last one. Ugh!

My sister grabbed the tree, and after wandering around for 45 minutes, I finally found the pjs I wanted for GM and picked up a V-Smile Cyber Pocket, in case I can't get a Leapster before Christmas. Kung Fu Panda was of course sold out, and the jackets left were the wrong sizes.

We headed to Kmart where we found some good deals on toys. I managed to snag the last Tractor Tippin' board game, and some other stuff the kids will love. As we headed towards the line, we realized it was wrapped halfway back the store. We stood there for over an hour, just to check out. And wouldn't you guess we were right behind this crazy lady trying to draw attention to herself in anyway possible. No joke, this lady announced to the store, "I took my meds today, ain't nobody gonna make me mad. " Then continued with, "Who wants to hear some carols? I feel like singing." Please someone save me.

How fun does this look?

I don't know if it was worth it or not. The anxiety, the stress, the frustration. If I mention going out next year, somebody better stop me. Remind me how much i love sleeping in a warm bed. Remind me how rude people are. Remind me how stupid I am to think it's worth it. Don't care what you tell me, just be sure I don't try this again next year!


Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

I hate to say it but we told you so. I'm sorry you had such a crummy experience. You need to write down all the bad stuff and tape it inside your calender on the Dec 2009 page. Next year, just say no.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor girl! It IS stressful isn't it? I almost got lynched a couple yrs back because I happened to arrive at a Circuit City right as they were opening the doors and it was POURING down rain. The line was wrapped around the building! Me and 3 other moms decided we'd take our chances and just run in. lol. CHAOS!

But I saved a butt-load of money and was happy. But now I just shop online! Those black friday deals (many of them anyhow) were released online this year, amazon had the best prices I've ever seen and in fact, I just ordered a new digital camera for myself at Easyshare 8.2 megapixel with oodles of features! $87! Holy crap! I LOVE shopping online now! lol
Sorry to write a book here!

OH, that lady behind you sounds a little scary! Freaky people man!

Unknown said...

I have not ever gone out that early. I am sorry it was bad for you. My sister and I went out around 10:30 to Kohl's and got some good deals.

Nicole Feliciano said...

Here's one gift you won't have to won a Momtrends contest. Check it out here:

Bloggymommy said...

I HATE shopping! Yes, I am a woman and I hate to shop! Weird, I know! I went shopping at Wal-Mart and it was INSANE!!! You couldn't even get through the isles! A couple of things I wanted they didn't have but ya know what? I went at 12 and missed some of the craziness so I'm not going to complain. To me it's just not worth it! I can do the rest of my shopping from home!