Friday, December 5, 2008

All I Want for Christmas

For the past two weeks, I feel like everyone and their brother has asked me what I want for Christmas this year. In all honesty, there's nothing I really need or want, except maybe a new vacuum, but I doubt that will happen.

I can't get in the holiday spirit this year. I'm annoyed that Christmas music started playing the day after Halloween, and stores had their displays up before cold weather even hit. Call me Scrooge, but bah humbug. I haven't even started decorating the house yet. For some reason or another, I lack the energy and drive to get into the festivities.

But, to answer all those wondering what I really want this year, here goes:

A nice long nap, with no one jumping on my stomach.
A warm bubble bath, minus bath toys being dropped in or having to hear "I need you" ever 2 minutes.
An afternoon all by myself: Maybe it's selfish, but I don't remember the last time I had a few hours to myself.
A little spurt of energy: I'm so tired all the time, coffee barely does the job anymore.

So there's my wish list, that's all I really want this year. Oh, and if anyone wants to volunteer to do my shopping for me, I'd take that too.


Bloggymommy said...

Those all sound like great gift ideas! If Santa gives you all those things will you please send him over to my house so I can get a break too? (sigh)

CMP said...

ditto to just about everything :)