Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Giveaway at Calypso Studios

Are you ready for Earth Day tomorrow? I know we've been gearing up around here. We have some fun projects to do and books to read. We're keeping our fingers crossed for nice weather, so that we can get outside and explore.

Over at Calypso Studios, they are getting ready for Earth Day by hosting a huge giveaway. They will be giving away $10,000 worth of S.H.O.P. totes. All you have to do is head over and register on or before tomorrow (4/22/09), and you could win 1 Acts of Kindness tote.

At Calypso Studio, products are made from the earth's natural products. Using reusable totes in a simple way to help our planet.

Did you know that an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year? Americans alone use 380 plastic bags per year, consuming 12 million barrels of oil for production. Americans are also responsible for consuming over 10 billion paper bags, resulting in 14 million trees being cut down to produce the bags.

For every reusable bag you use, it can cut down the consumption of plastic bags by 1000 bags over it's lifetime. Some stores will even offer a credit if you use your own bag, which could ultimately pay for the bag.

So, what are yo waiting for? Head on over to Calypso Studios and fill out the simple the entry form!

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