Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hotel for Dogs Review

Living in a house with boys, there's always talk of getting a dog. Daddy seems to want one just as much, if not more, than the little one. Even though we can't own one right now, we are still definitely dog people.

Since seeing the first commercials, the little one has wanted to see Hotel for Dogs. We finally got the chance this week. And it earned a big thumbs up from my four-year-old.
Hotel for Dogs stars Emma Roberts, as Andi, and Jake T. Austin, as Bruce. The movie follows the kids through their struggles at a foster home that doesn't allow pets, forcing them to hide their pup, Friday.

As they try to create a home for Friday, they end up making a home for all the city's strays in an old hotel. The dogs that inhabit the hotel are fun and lovable, and each has its own, very distinct personality. Throughout the movie, my four year old cheered the dogs on, clapping, and jumping around. He was completely enthralled with the movie.

Hotel for Dogs is all about family, and it's definitely a family film. We've watched it together twice in 24 hours, and little ones and adults alike loved it. I will admit, there are moments where you just may shed a tear. I know I did, and I saw my little one tense up. But I think it's a sign of a good movie, one that you can get completely wrapped up in.

After the movie, I asked my son which pup was his favorite. He was quick to let me know that Romeo, a Chinese Crested Dog, was "the best". Romeo may not be traditionally cute, but he's definitely a lover.

Hotel for Dogs is rated PG and is comes out on DVD tomorrow. Happy watching!


Jenny said...

Our library is showing this for the kids, I'll have to make sure they go see it (if we don't buy it first!).

sheila said...

How funny, my 18 yr old took the kids she was babysitting and she said SHE loved that movie! I guess it's great for all ages. Great review!

Carrie Ella said...

I'm so glad to hear a review of this movie. Corbin (17 months) LOVES dogs. Each time a commercial comes on with dogs, it's like he knows which one is playing, and even though he's in a different room he will come running. I don't know that he would sit through the whole movie, but I'm sure he will love it.