Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

Maybe I should title this Attempting to Feed the Ducks. Because the ducks wanted to be antisocial.
After walking from one end of the park to the other to get to the ducks, they up and flew to the other side. So, little man spent awhile watching pieces of bread tumble over the waterfall.
Then we walked the whole way around to a bridge at the opposite end, and the ducks up and flew again. I guess they weren't hungry today.
You can't say we didn't try.


Shannon said...

Looks like a pretty day! We are headed to park the park now.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty park! I cannot wait for things to warm up so we can go feed ducks.

Chrissy said...

I've noticed myself that some ducks are friendlier than others. Looks like fun at the park though! I love the waterfall.

Joy said...

I think I read somewhere at one time that this is ducks mating season. Maybe they just wanted to be alone? *wink*