Monday, July 20, 2009

notNuetral Review

My little man is a picky eater. I know I've mentioned it before. But, we are working hard to find ways around it. I know that I could just not give him a choice, but I hate to make dinner time a battle. So instead, I try to find other ways to liven up his meals.

We recently had the chance to try the Melamine Snack Set from the notNuetral collection at Accent Furniture Direct. It arrived in a very sturdy, reusable box. (Which has been turned into a toy carrier, along with my laundry basket and cloth grocery bags.)
The Melamine Snack Set is made up of a tray, plate, cup, bowl, fork, and spoon. The first thing I noticed is how heavy duty they are. A lot of the little one's bowls end up misshapen after they meet the dishwasher, but the Melamine Set had absolutely no problems and came out unscathed.

The colors are bold and the design fun. I've served little man dinner on the set, and each night, he was excited to use it. The design is perfect for portioning foods. It was funny to watch him use the set, because every time he used the fork or spoon, he would be sure to replace it in the exact same spot on the tray.

The set is BPA-free and meets CPSIA requirements. And apparently, it meets the expectations of my 4 year old too. He announced that his food "tastes better this way." (Meaning off his tray.)

Buy It: You can find the Melamine Snack set, as well as lots of other home decor at Accent Furniture Direct

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