Tuesday, April 21, 2009

But Mommy...

I don't wanna. I can't do it. I'm too tired. (...Cue the tears.)

That has been our house for the last few days. Pure and utter whining. I'm about to invest in a good pair of earplugs. Maybe just a pillow to hold over my head. I could just sit really quietly and hope no one notices me.

My usual happy, easy-going, preschooler has become a pool of meltdowns. Some of it I attribute to being sick, some from not sleeping well for a few days. But, I feel like I have a whole new child in my midst. A high-pitched, squeaky, defiant child.

I'm doing my best to handle this new predicament. My four-year-old doesn't appreciate being told that I don't understand whining, but he quickly changes his tune for a moment. And he is totally opposed to sitting on time-out while he calms down and attempts to compose himself. But honestly, I don't know what else to do.

How do you handle those whining moments that seem to never end?


Rob said...

Not sure I know how to handle them. My 6 yr old still cries and cries often. Sunday he played outside from 10am until 5pm and when we told him time to come in for dinner he cried. Come on, what the heck, he was outside all day, what are the tears for? Oh well just something we have to deal with the best we can I guess Check out my dad blog at http://www.pbandsmellysdad.com/

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Hi Staci!
Oh so sorry to hear about whiny week...why is it that little ones go through these "not so pleasant" stages??? Just to keep us on our toes I think!!!
At our house, we "can't hear" whining...so whenever they DO whine we say..."Hmmmm, what is that? I can't hear anything in a whiny voice." So they get NOTHING until they ask in a normal and polite manner. DOES NOT always work but it CAN!!!
Thanks for stopping by The Glen!! I love to have new visitors!
Have a great day!

Chrissy said...

Oh no! Sounds like a rough time for everyone. I hope it is just the sickness and tiredness and he goes back to being his usual easy-going self soon!

Although that picture is really great, lol. He's cute even when pouting.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

My 4 yr old cries also when he doesn't get what he wants. When he's with his cousins, he's always the one who ends up crying for something.

I understand the pain.

andrea said...

ooohhh that face looks familiar !!!

tara said...

hmmmm, I don't know. I sure would like to though, we're going through the same thing!

The Mud Bug said...

There must be something in the water as this is going on in my house with my 4yo as well. Lots of whining and crying. Driving me bonkers.